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Are you looking to reduce feed costs? See how applying Axtra® PHY matrix values in your feed formulation can improve performance, reduce costs & phosphorus waste and boost production efficiencies.

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Dr. Bert Payne and Jason King discuss how you can best defend your birds’ guts against rising challenges by leveraging the US layer industry experienceslidein1500middleleftWebinar Information & Reg...22px12px305C6001E
Dr. Roselina Angel and Dr. Yueming Dersjant-Li present the latest research around the interactions between calcium level/solubility in the diet and phosphorus digestibility, the impact of calcium on phytase efficacy and new research data to optimize phytase calcium matrix in order to maximize animal performance.slideup3600bottomrightReplay the Interviews22px12px380C6001E
Dr. Maria Walsh explores the emerging science behind an adaptive feed additive that powers the diet through improving energy and amino acid, thereby improving growth and reducing feed costs.slidein3000topleftRegister now22px12px270C6001E
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Unique solutions for every species and diet type

Optimized, Healthy Animal Nutrition Solutions

Performance: Ensuring strong growth and liveability

Profitability: Reducing feed and legislative compliance costs

Planet: Supporting commercial sustainability

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