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2014 Joint Annual Meeting

Date: 20 July 2014

2014 Joint Annual Meeting

Date:  June 20 - 24, 2014

Location:  Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This meeting will address many topics and issues of interest to scientists or practitioners involved in teaching, extension, research, and commercial activities in all areas of animal agriculture.

On Tuesday July 22 from 7:30 am to 9.15 am Augustine Owusu-Asiedu’s poster, Growth performance and carcass characteristics of pigs fed high-fiber diets supplemented with Bacillus spp. expressing multi-enzyme activities (Ref T180), will be on display in Exhibit Hall A-B.

Thursday July 24 - DuPont Abstract presentations

9.00 am  (Ref 476) Effect of a 6-Phytase derived from Buttiauxella spp. expressed in Trichoderma reesei on apparent total tract digestibility of Ca and P, bone ash and growth performance in weaning piglets

9.30 am (Ref 478) Efficacy of novel 6-phytase derived from Buttiauxella spp. expressed in Trichoderma reesei on ileal and total tract nutrient digestibility in growing pigs fed a corn-soy based diet

9.45 am (Ref 479) Nutrient digestibility of growing pigs fed phytase- and xylanase-supplemented wheat-based diets with low, medium or high lysine level

11.00 am (Ref 483) Effects of dietary supplementation of direct fed microbial on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, fecal microflora and noxious gas emission in nursery pigs

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