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Danisco Animal Nutrition Launches New Value-Add Services for Phytase and Betaine customers

MARLBOROUGH, UK, 20 May 2014 - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, has announced the global launch of two exclusive, value-add services for customers.

The online Optimize Feed™ Service is an easy-to-use tool that enables customers to maximize profitability from the use of the company’s bio-efficacious phytase products - Axtra® PHY and Phyzyme® XP - and its Betafin® natural betaine.  The service uses accurate and well-researched matrix values based on animal species, diet variation, substrate levels and the age of the animal to help its customers determine the right dose of:

  • Phytase to maximize uptake of phosphorus, reducing the need for costly inorganic phosphorus supplementation and balancing calcium levels.  It also helps minimize the impact of phytate and other anti-nutrients on the diet using extensive global data on raw material substrates.
  • Betaine to allow accurate and safe replacement of costly methionine and choline, and to support production stress, maximizing profitability.

In addition, the company’s new semi-quantitative Axtra® PHY FASTkit™ assay quickly detects the presence of active Axtra® PHY phytase in the feed, saving valuable production time.

Nicholas Hewens, Head of Global Marketing, commented, “To determine the optimum doses of phytase enzyme and betaine, it is important that various factors, such as the species, age, substrate levels and other dietary variations, are taken into account.  Using the Optimize Feed™ Service, our Phyzyme® XP, Axtra® PHY and Betafin® natural betaine customers can be confident in the knowledge that their dosing calculations are backed up by reliable, worldwide trial data.  The phytase FASTKit® assay also speeds up the production process by quickly establishing that Axtra® PHY is present and active in the feed.”

For more information on these new services, email or visit our website


Contact: Monica Hart
+44 (0) 1672 517777

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