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Andrew Harker
Business Director and Global Industry Leader
"I have four children(including a trainee vet) and devote much of my personal time to family activities. I also enjoy running marathons and sailing."

Joined: 1991

Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

Specialist species: Pig and Poultry

Having graduated with a BSc in Animal Nutrition at Edinburgh University and a PhD in Swine Nutrition at Nottingham University, I spent a few years in agriculture before joining the team that pioneered the commercialization of feed enzymes at Finnfeeds (now Danisco Animal Nutrition). I have since grown the business to become a global market leader in enzymes and betaine. We are also uniquely placed to offer customers enhanced benefits from single or combined applications of enzyme, betaine and probiotic technologies.

I define the strategic direction of the business, focussing on growth through market-driven innovation. Having joined forces with DuPont in 2011, we have ambitious goals to broaden the animal nutrition product and service portfolio. With access to DuPont's vast research and development, and its regional footprint, we are now even better placed to bring world-class innovation to global customers and improve their bottom line.

Little known facts: I have four children and devote much of my personal time to family activities, as well my personal passions - running marathons and sailing.


Contact: Denisse Gaudin
+31 (0) 6 21 60 87 66

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