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Dr Bruce Stewart-Brown
Senior Vice President of Food Safety & Quality Live Operations, Perdue Farms

Dr Bruce Stewart-Brown is responsible for Perdue’s food safety and quality programs. These responsibilities include oversight of programmes in 14 Processing Plants that produce “Ready to Cook” products, 4 “Ready to Eat” Processing Plants, and 4 Freezer/Storage facilities. He is also in charge of the Food Safety and Quality departments which have over 400 employees working on them in various locations in the United States.  

Dr Stewart-Brown is also responsible for oversight of animal health and welfare programmes for Perdue Farms which produce approximately 600 million chickens and 10 million turkeys per year. Health Services has a total staff of 16 in various locations within the United States.

Dr Stewart Brown comes from a family of veterinarians and grew up around farm animals and farm families. He studied first at Arizona State University then completed a BS, DVM, in veterinary medicine and animal science at Iowa State University. He has worked in various positions at Perdue since 1998, prior to which he was Director of Technical Services for Fort Doge Farm’s poultry operation and a Technical Services Manager at Solway Animal Health, again looking after the poultry sector.



Contact: Denisse Gaudin

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