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Dr Charles L. Hofacre
Professor, Director of Clinical Services, Department of Avian Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

Dr. Charles Hofacre currently is a professor at the University of Georgia where he is primarily responsible for teaching the Masters of Avian Medicine students, working in the Poultry Diagnostics Lab, and supporting the poultry industry in the Southeast United States. His highly sought after research expertise involves Necrotic Enteritis and Organisms involved in Foodborne Illness.

The Ohio State University, College of Agriculture provided Dr. Hofacre with both his B.S and M.S before moving to Athens, Georgia to obtain his Ph.D. and Masters of Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia where he currently resides. He previously was Manager of Professional Services at Bayer Animal Health, and has also worked for a broiler breeder genetics company and a turkey company.  He has also has held the distinguished position of Executive Vice President for the American Association of Avian Pathologists since 2003.


Contact: Denisse Gaudin

+31 (0)6 15 10 25 08

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