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Dr Peter Plumstead
Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition, University of Pretoria

Dr. Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, holds an M.Sc and PhD in Nutrition and Poultry Science from North Carolina State University, USA where his primary research focused on amino acid and phosphorus nutrition of broilers and broiler breeders. 

Prior to joining academia, Peter was engaged at Danisco Animal Nutrition (part of DuPont), where he was responsible for application research and development of enzyme products for pigs and poultry. In addition to his work with enzymes, Peter also has  several years of commercial experience in the feed industry, having worked as a Senior Nutritionist within the Meadow Feeds Group in South Africa.


Contact: Denisse Gaudin

+31 (0)6 15 10 25 08


EPC 2014 | 24/06/2014

Quantifying Nutrient Contributions from Phytase, Fiction vs. Reality?

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