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Janet Remus
Technical Services Director, AMCAS
"My career at Danisco Animal Nutrition has taken me to every continent in the world but Antarctica."

Joined: 1995

Location: Spicer, Minnesota, USA

Specialist species: Poultry

I was raised on a diversified farm/ranch operation in west central Nebraska so had an early, very practical interest in animal agriculture and nutrition. I studied Animal Science at the University of Nebraska, USA. Later I obtained a Masters and PhD from the University of Missouri, USA, where I examined the effect of thiamine deficiency on brain metabolism of the turkey for my Masters and focused on biogenic amines and beta-endorphin effects on feed intake in the broiler for my PhD.

I began my career at Finnsugar Bioproducts, working on delivering betaine solutions to the poultry industry and moved on to work as Research and Development Manager for Finnfeeds International (which later became Danisco Animal Nutrition). I have since held various global and regional roles at Danisco Animal Nutrition, specializing mainly in enzyme and betaine livestock application.

Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: > 14 peer-review papers, 1 education paper (teaching journal), 4 invited presentations, 8 Proceedings papers, 45 abstracts, 12 trade press papers

Affiliations: American Association of Animal Science, Poultry Science Association, World's Poultry Science Association


Contact: Denisse Gaudin

+31 (0)6 15 10 25 08

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