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Luis Romero
Senior Scientist & Research Lead
"After university, I worked for five years managing commercial poultry production operations, giving me an understanding of the challenges facing our customers "

Joined: 2008

Located: Marlborough , Wiltshire, UK

Specialist species: Poultry

I have worked in the animal nutrition industry since 2000, having studied Animal Sciences (with a focus on cytogenetics and agricultural marketing) at the National University of Colombia and taken a PhD focussing on the bio-economic links between broilers and breeders at the University of Alberta. I also received training on production economics at the University of Alberta to complement my animal science studies.

After University, I worked for 5 years managing commercial poultry production operations, giving me an understanding of the challenges facing of our customers and possible solutions..

I have worked at Danisco since 2008 and have gained great experience managing diverse, worldwide teams, managing large research projects(from idea to prototype, internally and with external academic partners) and IP strategy. I have a strong knowledge of biotechnology applications, statistics and production economics, married with a highly tuned commercial focus that enables me to deliver revenue growth both internally and for our customers.

Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: >10 peer reviewed, >15 invited talks, > 35 conference abstracts, numerous trade press articles and 4 patents

Affiliations: Poultry Sciences Association (PSA), World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)


Contact: Denisse Gaudin
+31 (0) 6 21 60 87 66


PSA Annual Meeting | July 14-17 2014

Advances in the use of enzymes and probiotics in poultry nutrition

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