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Richard Kottmeyer
Founder and Managing Director, Strategic

Mr Richard Kottmeyer, Founder and Managing Director, Strategic, a consulting firm that acts as "the advisor to advisors" on matters of agriculture, food security, food and beverage and consumerology. He works with major poultry retailers and integrators to provide advice on  "Farm to Fork" best practice.

He is also a consultant at Accenture, looking at global agriculture and food production issues, with an emphasis on customer experiences and interaction. At Strategic, he has led five of the largest worldwide food and agriculture mergers and acquisitions, and has acted as a food policy advisor at Wall Street investment banks, global accounting firms and commercial banks. Prior to this, he led Accenture and IBM's global Agriculture & Food Production Practices programme which was focused on meeting the challenges of Food 2040 (population and income growth) through organic and inorganic growth, and he has also worked in senior roles at KPMG and Truman Group.

Mr Kottmeyer is a seasoned keynote presenter on agricultural matters and has also acted as an advisor/editor to media ranging from Farm Journal and Future of Farming Editor through to the Washington Post.


Contact: Denisse Gaudin

+31 (0)6 15 10 25 08

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