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2015 PSA Annual Meeting

Date: 27 July 2015
Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

We’ve brought together a team of experts to help poultry producers answer the question of how a bird’s gut health can impact the quality and quantity of the poultry we consume. Entitled "From Egg to Plate – The Influence of Gut Health". The symposium will include the following sessions: 

  • Preparing for Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA at the Feed Mill”- Dr. Henry Turlington, Director of Quality & Manufacturing Regulatory Affairs at American Feed Industry Association (AFIA),  will outline what  the FSMA means in practical terms for live operations and how it will affect  their day-to -day activities.
  • Laying the right foundation – getting your birds off to a healthy start”Dr. Suzanne Dougherty, Consulting Poultry Veterinarian, will discuss the  influence that intensive  live production can have on gut health from hatch to finish.
  • Back to the future – Cocci management going forward Dr. Charles L. Hofacre Professor, Director of Clinical Services  at the University of Georgia,  will discuss management of coccidia without ionophores and the effect this has on gut health.
  • “The impact of nutrition on gut health” - Dr. Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, will  outline how the strategic use of feed additives can help tackle microbial imbalance.
  • “Controlling the unknown”  Dr. Arturo Tanus, Director of Technical Services at Butterball, LLC, will provide insight into live production effects on needed plant interventions.

The symposium is open to all registered attendees of the 2015 PSA Annual Meeting.  There was standing room only at last year’s symposium, so early arrival is recommended. Presentations will be available upon request following the meeting; please send your name, job title, company name and the name of the presentation you want to receive to

DuPont abstract presentations: 

Monday 27 July
10:15 am Feed Additives I - Effect of a feed additive containing multi-enzymes and direct fed microbials on growth performance in broilers fed US commercial type diets with or without AGP - C. A. Flores, T. E. Askelson, Y. Dersjant-Li, K. Gibbs, T. Duong, A. Awati and J. T. Lee
11:00 am Feed Additives I - Effect of multi-enzymes and direct fed microbial on nutrients digestibility in broilers fed low and high fiber diets - A. K. Singh, J. F. Diaz Berrocoso, Y. Dersjant-Li, A. Awati, and R. Jha

Tuesday 28 July
8:15 am Enzymes -Effect of an Escherichia coli phytase on long-term performance and egg qualities of white egg layersA. Bello, Y. Dersjant-Li, P. W. Plumstead and D. R. Korver
9:30 am Enzymes - Evaluation of increasing phytase and inositol levels on male broiler growth performance - H. G. Walters, R. D. Brister, M. Hruby, and J. T. Lee
1:15 pm Feed Additives I  - In-feed supplementation with 3 Bacillus spp probiotic strains alleviates the effects of a Necrotic Enteritis challenge in broilers - AL Wealleans, C. Evans

Wednesday 29 July
1:30 pm Feed Additives II - Effect of multi-enzymes and DFM combination on performance, intestinal histology and immune response of broilers with or without a coccidial challenge - Y. Dersjant-L, A. Awati, K. Kemmett and K. C. Klasing

Thursday 30 July
9:00 am Feed Additives III - A multi-enzyme and DFM combination improves turkey brooder performance and intestinal morphology - AL Wealleans, Y Dersjant-Li,  M. Hruby, KA Gibbs, S Noll

DuPont poster presentations

# 380P - IEnergy utilization and growth performance of broiler chickens fed diets containing six different wheat DDGS samples with and without enzyme supplementation - V. Pirgozliev, I. Whiting, J. Wilson, SP Rose, W. Mirza, and AM Amerah

# 382P -Supplementary xylanase improves hepatic vitamin A content in broiler chickens - V. Pirgozliev, F. Karadas, S. P. Rose, and AM Amerah

# 383P - Effect of protease on top of xylanase and amylase in combination with a direct-fed microbial on the performance of broiler chickens fed high levels of corn DDGS - AM Amerah, L. F. Romero and V. Ravindran

# 386P - Effect of supplemental multi-enzymes on growth performance of broilers fed low and high fiber diets - Amit K. Singh, Julio F. Diaz Berrocoso, Utsav P. Tiwari, Yueming Dersjant-Li, A. Awati, and Rajesh Jha

# 392P - Ideal level of E. coli and Buttiauxella phytases on performance and bio-availability of phosphorus - G. V. D. Pinto, N. K. Sakomura, D. C. Z. Donato, L. Soares, Y. Dersjant-Li, C. Evans

# 429P - Influence of natural betaine on growth and performance of market toms raised in winter - J.C. Remus  and J.D. Firman

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