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Phytase 101 Workshop at ESPN 2015

We have brought together established and new talent in this workshop, the objective of which is to help you differentiate your business by optimizing phytase performance and profitability. Discuss the latest scientific findings on phytate - and other factors that should influence your phytase choice and dose - with academic and research experts in an informal, informative and independent environment.


14.30 Introductions and welcome - Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director EMEA, Danisco Animal Nutrition.

14.45 “Winning with phytase;” -  Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, will  present  research that can help you make phytase and dosing choices  that will maximize value and differentiate your business. He will also predict where scientific innovation will take us to in the phytase and phytate space.  

15.00  "Phytate , phytase and calcium interactions" - Dr  C. Roselina Angel, Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, will unveil her latest research on calcium and phosphorus metabolism and requirements, focusing on methodologies to evaluate phytase effectiveness and achieving the right calcium balance. 

15.15 “Action of different phytase types and doses on phytate in different segments of the broiler digestive tract – what we know now and what we need to know more about” Loek de Lange, Manager Poultry Clusterand senior Consultant, Schothorst Feed Research will share the latest research and his opinion on future developments. 

15.30 “Choosing the right phytase to improve sodium pump function, reduce the catabolism of amino acids and increase protein and glucose uptake” Ha Hong Truong, who works with Dr Peter Selle at Poultry Research Foundation, University of Sydney will share highlights from two recently published studies looking at the impact of sodium digestibility on glucose in particular in four segments of the small intestine. She will also show that certain types of phytase can increase glucose and protein absorption by reducing the catabolism of amino acids. 

15.30 -17.15 Audience questions and debate, moderated by Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director EMEA Danisco Animal Nutrition  and fielded by Fabian Brockötter, Editor in chief World Poultry. 

17.15- 17.30 Closing remarks - Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director EMEA, Danisco Animal Nutrition


Dr C. Roselina Angel

Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland, USA.

Dr. Angel joined the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at as an Assistant Professor in 1998. She received her BS (Animal Science), MS (Animal Nutrition) and PhD (Poultry Nutrition) degrees from Iowa State University. Prior to joining the University of Maryland, she was Nutrition Research Manager at Purina Mills.

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Dr Peter Plumstead

Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition, University of Pretoria

Dr. Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, holds an M.Sc and PhD in Nutrition and Poultry Science from North Carolina State University, USA where his primary research focused on amino acid and phosphorus nutrition of broilers and broiler breeders. 

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Loek de Lange

Manager Poultry Cluster at Schothorst Feed Research

Dr. Loek de Lange graduated with a Master of Science in Animal Husbandry from Wageningen University in the Netherlands in 1979. From 1998 to 2013, he worked at De Heus Voeders BV, first as Research and Development Manager and latterly as Corporate Manager – Quality Assurance and Knowledge, specializing in both roles on animal nutrition and intestinal health. He left to take up his current position at Schothorst, an independent, state-of-the-art research and consultancy institute for animal nutrition.

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Ha Hong Truong

Postgraduate Researcher, Poultry Research Foundation, University of Sydney

Ha is a PhD candidate at the Poultry research foundation, Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, having graduated with an Honours degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience from there in 2013. 

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Fabian Brockötter

Editor-in-chief World Poultry and Pluimveehouderij

Fabian Brockötter joined Reed Business Media in 1998. He started off as an agricultural journalist and later specialized in poultry with the Dutch magazine Pluimveehouderij. In 2013 he became editor of World Poultry, He is also still editor in Chief of Pluimveehouderij.

Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier

Technical Director EMEA , Danisco Animal Nutrition

Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier has worked at Danisco Animal Nutrition since 2001 in various technical management roles. She is currently Technical Director for the EMEA region, a role which involves managing technical staff, running local trials and research and, together with the technical team, providing technical support to our distributors and customers.

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