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IPPS 2015 Japan

Date: 10 June 2015
Location: Nagoya, Japan, Stand D-34 and Meeting Room 3, Exhibition Hall 1 for Seminar

Dr Gary Partridge, Global Application Leader, will discuss how feed enzyme technologies can maximize profitability for local swine producers at the International Poultry & Pig Show (IPPS) in Japan during our seminar on 11 June from 16.00-16.50. Topics he will cover include: 

  • Addressing growth performance issues and disease challenges at weaning and beyond without the use of in-feed antibiotics, or with reduced usage. 
  • Achieving good post-weaning growth which will reduce time to slaughter by 4-5 days for each extra kilogram of bodyweight achieved in the post-weaning phase.
  • Dealing with non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) such as beta-glucans and arabinoxylans that are anti-nutrients that interfere with the digestive process.
  • Providing good nutrition for the sow during lactation to ensure healthy, high weaning weights in piglets that will grow more quickly after weaning, particularly in warmer climates where the sow eats less. 
  • Helping producers manage manure issues and avoid costly legislative penalties.

As places are limited for Dr Partridge’s talk, you are advised to sign up as soon as possible. His presentation will be available to download from our website after the show closes. Alternatively email us at to receive a PDF copy.

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