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WEBINAR: How calcium and phosphorus optimize broiler performance

Date: 29 November 2017

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Calcium plays a significant role in phosphorus (P) utilization, which is important for an optimal broiler performance. It is well known that calcium levels, as well as the particle size of the calcium source, a factor in solubility, can impact phytase efficacy. In this webinar we will present the latest research around the interactions between calcium level/solubility in the diet and phosphorus digestibility, the impact of calcium on phytase efficacy and new research data to optimize phytase calcium matrix in order to maximize animal performance.


  • Interaction between calcium particle size/solubility and phosphorus and calcium digestibility 
  • Impact of calcium on phytase efficacy
  • Optimization of the phytase calcium matrix to maximize its efficacy


Speaker Info:

Dr. Roselina Angel: Professor, University of Maryland

Dr. Roselina Angel received her Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Iowa State University in 1990 after which she worked as a Research Manager of Purina Mills Specialty Business Group until 1998.  Dr. Angel joined the University of Maryland as an Assistant Professor in 1998 and rose through the ranks to her current position Professor.  Dr. Angel was a member of the Poultry Science Association’s Board of Directors from 2001 to 2004.  She has been a member of the program committee for the Poultry Science’s Informal Nutrition Conference since 1998 and now chairs that Conference.  She has been a panel member for USDA’s National Research Initiative competitive grants program and an Ad Hoc reviewer for USDA-NRI, the Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund, and other funding agencies. Dr. Angel has published seven book chapters, 95 articles in refereed journals and more that 160 abstracts. She was named a Fellow of the Poultry Science Association in 2016. This is the highest recognition PSA can bestow on a member and it is awarded based on their professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science without regard to longevity. Dr. Angel’s recent focus has also been on improvement in phosphorus nutrition through optimizing calcium use  Her research has had a direct measurable impact on water and air quality and the environmental and economic sustainability of the poultry industry.

Dr. Yueming Dersjant-Li, Senior Scientist with the Global Innovation Group, DuPont

Dr. Yueming Dersjant-Li is a senior scientist with the Global Innovation group within the Danisco Animal Nutrition industry team – which is part of DuPont Industrial Biosciences. At present, her main research area is enzyme application in non-ruminants animals. She obtained her PhD degree at Wageningen University (WUR), and has been working in the animal feed industry for many years. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and commercial magazines.

This webinar is sponsored by DuPont, and is presented by WATT Global Media. 




Dr. Roselina Angel
Professor, University of Maryland

Dr. Yueming Dersjant-Li
Senior Scientist with the Global Innovation Group, DuPont 

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