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Danisco Animal Nutrition Thought Leaders

  • Luis Romero
    Senior Scientist & Research Lead
  • Randolph J. Chick
    DVM, Technical Services
  • Ahmed Amerah
    Development Scientist
  • Maria Walsh
    Research Scientist
  • Andrew Harker
    Business Director and Global Industry Leader
  • Milan Hruby
    Senior Technical Services Manager
  • Luke Barnard
    Assistant Scientist
  • Nick Hewens
    Head of Marketing
  • Ajay Awati
    Senior Scientist and Development Team Leader
  • Gary Partridge
    Global Development and Technical Director
  • Terry D Parrott
    Ruminant Technical Service and Product Manager
  • Ceinwen Evans
    Senior Global Technical Services Manager
  • Janet Remus
    Technical Services Director, AMCAS
  • Gwendolyn Jones
    Technical Manager, North America

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