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Danisco Animal Nutrition Thought Leaders

  • Luke Barnard
    Assistant Scientist
    My background

    Joined: 2011

    Located: Marlborough , Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I graduated with a Masters degree in Biological Science from the University of Birmingham, then took the Schothorst Feed and Nutrition Course when I joined the research team Danisco Animal Nutrition over two years ago.

    My current role involves planning, designing and co-ordinating feed additive tests and proof of concept work with scientists at leading universities and research establishments across the globe. I use feed formulation software for value analysis of diets, carry our statistical analysis and carry out literature reviews to provide background information on new projects. I’ve developed strong writing skills developed composing internal trial reports, as well as material for external publications and patent applications.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: I have just had my first article published and have submitted a successful patent application.

    Little known fact: Enjoy a variety of sports from rock climbing, football, squash, swimming and running.

  • Terry D Parrott
    Ruminant Technical Service and Product Manager
    My background

    Joined: 2008

    Located: Oklahoma City, USA

    Specialist species: Ruminant

    After completing a Masters at Oklahoma State University, USA in Animal Science (Rumen Microbiology). I worked for several years there in rumen microbiological research, latterly developing a patented technology to address ruminal acidosis in beef cattle. I went on to train/lead multi-species technical teams at Agtech Products, Inc, a company that specialized in probiotics and silage products for ruminant.

    Following Danisco Animal Nutrition’s takeover of Agtech in 2008, I have continued to focus on ruminant nutrition, ensuring dairy feed manufacturers and producers get the best results from probiotic and enzyme technologies.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: > 15 swine, dairy, beef and poultry publications and presentations.

    Little known fact: I was voted Outstanding Participant during an academic quadrathalon at my university

  • Ceinwen Evans
    Senior Global Technical Services Manager
    My background

    Joined: 2001

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I was awarded my PhD - which examined enzyme supplementation of lupin-based diets for monogastric animal - at the University of Aberdeen in 2003, having achieved a BA (Hons) in Agricultural and Food sciences from the University of Nottingham in 1997.

    After graduating, I worked as an editor on the CABI Animal Heath and Production Compendium before joining Danisco Animal Nutrition as a Research & Development Manager. I then spent a few years working as a Regulatory Manager before moving to the Global Technical Services team, which I currently manage. Working in Global Technical services allows me to work across all product categories and have touchpoints with multiple disciplines within Danisco Animal Nutrition and other businesses within DuPont. This helps us to deliver the best products and value add services to our customers.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: >20 conference abstracts, peer reviewed papers and articles; two book chapters on topics relating to enzyme use in livestock nutrition.

    Affiliations: World Poultry Association

  • Andrew Harker
    Business Director and Global Industry Leader
    My background

    Joined: 1991

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Pig and Poultry

    Having graduated with a BSc in Animal Nutrition at Edinburgh University and a PhD in Swine Nutrition at Nottingham University, I spent a few years in agriculture before joining the team that pioneered the commercialization of feed enzymes at Finnfeeds (now Danisco Animal Nutrition). I have since grown the business to become a global market leader in enzymes and betaine. We are also uniquely placed to offer customers enhanced benefits from single or combined applications of enzyme, betaine and probiotic technologies.

    I define the strategic direction of the business, focussing on growth through market-driven innovation. Having joined forces with DuPont in 2011, we have ambitious goals to broaden the animal nutrition product and service portfolio. With access to DuPont's vast research and development, and its regional footprint, we are now even better placed to bring world-class innovation to global customers and improve their bottom line.

    Little known facts: I have four children and devote much of my personal time to family activities, as well my personal passions - running marathons and sailing.

  • Ahmed Amerah
    Development Scientist
    My background

    Joined: 2008

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Poultry

    After studying for a BA at the University of Jordan, I took a Masters then a PhD at Massey University, New Zealand. My PhD topic was “Feed particle size, whole wheat Inclusion and xylanase supplementation in broiler diets: influence on performance, digesta characteristics and digestive tract development”.

    After a period working as a Researcher at Massey University, I joined the Technical Services team at Danisco Animal Nutrition, managing research trials and collaborative studies centring on the company’s carbohydrase and betaine product portfolios, and presenting results in articles and at scientific conferences and meetings.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: >15 peer-reviewed journal articles 3 chapters in books. >30 conference papers.

    Affiliations: Poultry Sciences Association (PSA), World Poultry Services Association (WPSA)

    Little known fact: I am a keen footballer and founded the company’s soccer league

  • Milan Hruby
    Senior Technical Services Manager
    My background

    Joined: 2008

    Located: Minnesota, USA

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I gained an MSc in monogastric animal nutrition at the University of Minnesota then went on to do a PhD in poultry nutrition, the topic of which was “The amino acid maintenance and growth requirements of male broilers”. I joined Danisco Animal Nutrition after completing this in 1998 and I’ve since enjoyed being involved in many exciting industry “firsts” in enzymes and probiotic technologies, e.g. launches of the first enzyme solution for the corn market, the first bacterial phytase, unique thermostable enzyme products and the first multi-strain probiotic and enzyme combination. The great people and the strong scientific focus are two main reasons I love working here.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: > 25 peer reviewed publications

    Affiliations: Poultry Science Association, American Society of Animal Science

    Little known fact: I have always enjoyed working with other business within DuPont, e.g. Pioneer, Nutrition and Health. These collaborations always add value for customersand differentiate us from our competitors.

  • Luis Romero
    Senior Scientist & Research Lead
    My background

    Joined: 2008

    Located: Marlborough , Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I have worked in the animal nutrition industry since 2000, having studied Animal Sciences (with a focus on cytogenetics and agricultural marketing) at the National University of Colombia and taken a PhD focussing on the bio-economic links between broilers and breeders at the University of Alberta. I also received training on production economics at the University of Alberta to complement my animal science studies.

    After University, I worked for 5 years managing commercial poultry production operations, giving me an understanding of the challenges facing of our customers and possible solutions..

    I have worked at Danisco since 2008 and have gained great experience managing diverse, worldwide teams, managing large research projects(from idea to prototype, internally and with external academic partners) and IP strategy. I have a strong knowledge of biotechnology applications, statistics and production economics, married with a highly tuned commercial focus that enables me to deliver revenue growth both internally and for our customers.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: >10 peer reviewed, >15 invited talks, > 35 conference abstracts, numerous trade press articles and 4 patents

    Affiliations: Poultry Sciences Association (PSA), World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)

  • Maria Walsh
    Research Scientist
    My background

    Joined: 2012

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Swine

    I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin, and went on to do a Masters and PhD at Purdue University, looking at the potential of antibiotic alternatives and their impact on nursery pig growth performance, immune status, intestinal morphology, physiology and microbial populations (conventional and Salmonella challenged environments).

    After graduating, I worked for Teagasc in Ireland as a Researcher before joining Danisco Animal Nutrition as a Research Scientist in 2012. In my relatively short time with the company, I have been responsible for research into products and services that will deliver stronger performance in spite of market and crop variability, and have authored numerous articles and presentations on the future of monogastric nutrition, digestive physiology, microbiology, gut-host interaction and immunology.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: >15 peer reviewed papers, > 30 conference abstracts, presented at > 15 conferences and 2 invited talks.

    Affiliations: American Society of Animal Science

    Little known fact: I am a keen runner and outdoor enthusiast

  • Randolph J. Chick
    DVM, Technical Services
    My background

    Joined: 2010

    Located: Arkansas, USA

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I was raised on a horse and beef cattle farm in Northwest Arkansas (USA). I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Arkansas, and subsequently was awarded a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) from Louisiana State University, also in the US.

    After owning two veterinary clinics in the private sector, I returned to the University of Arkansas as campus veterinarian and graduate student. Subsequently, I was employed in various roles with organizations such as Simmons Foods, Jones-Hamilton Company, and the Food Safety Inspection Service (USDA FSIS) before joining Danisco in May 2010.

    I currently offer animal feed enzyme and direct-fed microbial solutions for poultry producers, providing services ranging from quality assurance, evaluation of products (common and novel applications) and analysis of field performance and laboratory protocols.

    I am a licensed practitioner in veterinary medicine and have experience operating within NIH, USDA-REAC, USDA-FSIS and USDA-APHIS regulatory environs. I feel qualified to help our customers face up to the challenges of maximizing flock and live performance. I also work with leading university and research partners to ensure that Danisco Animal Nutrition/DuPont stays one step ahead with answers for the professional issues facing veterinarians and nutritionists.

    Affiliations: American Association of Avian Pathologists; Arkansas Poultry Veterinarian Association; Arkansas Association of LeadAR Alumni; Arkansas Farm Bureau; Poultry and Egg Industry Network

    Little known fact: I enjoy fishing, both fresh and saltwater. My goal is to hook and land a fish that weighs as much as I do!

  • Nick Hewens
    Head of Marketing
    My background

    Joined: 2008

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Ruminant (owns a dairy farm)

    Prior to joining Danisco, I gained a wide breadth of experience working in commercial B2B and B2C roles with multinational companies in a number of different industries, including food, household & personal care and healthcare.

    A farming background, business level French and German language skills, and broad international experience have helped me develop the cultural sensitivity necessary to balance local customer focus with the global trends in the animal nutrition market.

    Little known facts: I tried my hand at tennis and swimming coaching, and working as a sous-chef in various countries before settling into a career in business. I am also a father of triplets, which is probably my most challenging role to date!

  • Ajay Awati
    Senior Scientist and Development Team Leader
    My background

    Joined: 2012

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Poultry and swine

    I am a qualified vet and a doctor of Animal Sciences with over 8 years' healthy nutrition experience. I joined Danisco Animal Nutrition as Development team lead and Senior Scientist in 2012, having previously worked at Nutreco R&D, The Netherlands and the Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand.

    My Masters degree - taken at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands where I also completed my PhD - was focused on nutrition and immunology in poultry, while my PhD was focused on nutrition and gut health in weaning piglets.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: an extensive back catalogue of peer reviewed publications, book chapters, trade press articles and conference speaker places

    Affiliations: member of the British Society of Animal Science industry association

    Little known fact/s: My passions are Indian food, photography, chess and cricket... not necessarily in that order.

  • Gwendolyn Jones
    Technical Manager, North America
    My background

    Joined: 2009

    Location: Iowa, USA

    Specialist species: Swine

    I graduated with a BSC in Animal Science from the University of Edinburgh and gained my PhD – which focussed on the effect of dietary energy and body reserves on the partitioning of nutrients in lactating sows - at the University of Aberdeen. I have since developed my career in the animal feed industry on a commercial level and gained international experience in various roles. In 2008, I was awarded Chartered Manager status for achieving bottom line impact beyond expectations in the workplace and continuous professional development. I have also recently gained an MBA from the University of Iowa, Tippie School of Management.

    I joined Danisco Animal nutrition as part of the global technical team based in the UK in 2009 and relocated to the US in 2011 to support the Danisco Animal Nutrition swine business in the US and Canada. I initiated and lead the pig compass collaboratory, which is an internal platform that helps us find the best technical and commercial solutions to help overcome the challenges our customers are facing in the global pig industry.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: > 45 articles and blogs

    Affiliations: Chartered, Management Institute

    Little known fact: I enjoy Salsa and Scottish & American country dancing

  • Gary Partridge
    Global Development and Technical Director
    My background

    Joined: 1994

    Located: Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

    Specialist species: Swine

    Before joining Danisco Animal Nutrition, I worked as a senior researcher at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland then moved to a technical specialist role in a premix company in the UK that later became a part of Nutreco. I currently manage the global development and technical services teams, working closely with the research and marketing teams to ensure that our products and services give our customers a competitive advantage.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: I have authored numerous trade press and peer-reviewed articles, and given many presentations on feed enzyme technology and betaine application in farm animal nutrition around the world. I have also co-edited one of the feed industry’s leading textbooks ‘Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition’, published by CABI and now in its 2nd edition since 2009.

    Affiliations: I am a member of the British Society of Animal Science and the Nutrition Society.

  • Janet Remus
    Technical Services Director, AMCAS
    My background

    Joined: 1995

    Location: Spicer, Minnesota, USA

    Specialist species: Poultry

    I was raised on a diversified farm/ranch operation in west central Nebraska so had an early, very practical interest in animal agriculture and nutrition. I studied Animal Science at the University of Nebraska, USA. Later I obtained a Masters and PhD from the University of Missouri, USA, where I examined the effect of thiamine deficiency on brain metabolism of the turkey for my Masters and focused on biogenic amines and beta-endorphin effects on feed intake in the broiler for my PhD.

    I began my career at Finnsugar Bioproducts, working on delivering betaine solutions to the poultry industry and moved on to work as Research and Development Manager for Finnfeeds International (which later became Danisco Animal Nutrition). I have since held various global and regional roles at Danisco Animal Nutrition, specializing mainly in enzyme and betaine livestock application.

    Publications, citations, articles authored/co-authored: > 14 peer-review papers, 1 education paper (teaching journal), 4 invited presentations, 8 Proceedings papers, 45 abstracts, 12 trade press papers

    Affiliations: American Association of Animal Science, Poultry Science Association, World's Poultry Science Association

    Little known fact: my career has taken me to every continent in the world but Antarctica.

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