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Patented, highly bio-efficaceous phytase solution now delivers superior cost savings at 250 FTU/kg feed.slidein1500middleleftRead press release22px14px360C6001E
As we celebrate 25 years of delivering unique enzyme solutions, we look back at industry achievements and predict what the future may holdslidein1500middleleftRead article26px14px350C6001E
Dr Gary Patridge outlines the benefits over synthetic and GMO equivalentsslidein1500middleleftRead article26px14px370C6001E
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Profit, performance and planet challenges in pig production

We offer optimized enzyme, betaineessential oil, and probiotic solutions that help pig producers' profitability and sustainability goals by:

  • Reducing the impact of production stresses
  • Increasing performance and profitability by improving nutrient uptake,and reducing waste management issues

Optimized solutions for pigs for every diet and production stage:

Young Pigs (to 30kg)

Corn, broken rice, wheat or sorghum or a combination of these grains and their by-products (Porzyme® tp100(HP),
Danisco Xylanase®

Contact us for product information ►

Grower / Finisher Pigs: (15g+)

Wheat, rye or triticale based  or a combination of these grains and their by-products (Porzyme® 9300, Axtra® XB)

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Product and service availability may vary by country. Product/service attributes may also differ due to differing government/regulatory approval systems. Please contact us for information on product/service availability by region.


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