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Profit, performance and planet challenges in poultry production

Key challenges include:

  • Delivering strong performance and profitability from modern diets by ensuring optimum formulation
  • Improving liveability and ability to manage production stress and disease
  • Cutting the cost of environmental and other legislative compliance

Optimized, proven solutions for poultry:

Optimized, proven single or combined enzyme,  probiotic, essential oil  and betaine solutions help:

  • Support healthy performance and minimize the impact of stress throughout the production cycle
  • Ensure radical feed and waste management cost savings and performance gains through improvements in amino acid/fibre digestibility, starch accessibility and the  reduction of anti-nutrients in modern diets
  • Reduction of carcass contamination by non-beneficial bacteria counts 
  • Improve egg production in terms of quantity and quality

Value-added services include:

  • Feed optimization
  • Assay services
  • Liquid/engineering services

Product and service availability may vary by country. Product/service attributes may also differ due to differing government/regulatory approval systems. Please contact us for information on product/service availability by region.


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