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  • Custom probiotic tools may help flock health challenges 1 June 2019
    Customized probiotics and enzyme option, with traditional autogenous vaccine and bacterin products, are helping producers optimize bird health.
  • Feeding the high-performance sow 17 April 2019
    Having 30 piglets per sow per year is starting to become common practice. At the same time, this puts pressure on the sow. Increased focus on keeping preweaning mortality low and sow health high...
  • Phytogenic blend helps to boost feed strategy and improve performance 17 April 2019
    Phytogenic feed additives offer multiple benefits in terms of increased feed intake, improved gut health and – crucially for developing piglets – reduced incidence of diarrhoea. With restrictions...
  • Synergistically improving energy efficiency in poultry production 17 April 2019
    The world of poultry production is changing and needs advanced feed strategies designed for modern manufacturing environments. New research points to the significant benefits to be gained from taking...
  • Nutribiosis is key in post-AGP gut health 19 December 2018
    With the global regulation of antibiotic growth promoters expected to accelerate, what action can animal producers take to correct associated performance losses? Dr Milan Hruby, global...
  • The best defense for layers Enviva PRO - White paper 2 November 2018
    The layer industry is transforming with the consumer-driven shift to cage-free eggs in many parts of the world. More than 200 different retailers, including McDonald’s, General Mills and...
  • Tailoring dose for Phytase Axtra PHY- White paper 2 November 2018
    Ensuring maximum commercial return is a challenge. The effective use of phytase matrix values can have a significant impact on feed formulation performance – resulting in savings. This...
  • Synergistically improving liveability 23 October 2018
    A recent study has shown that a novel protease/ probiotic combination can increase liveability rates in grower-finisher pigs while also improving growth rates. It’s part of a new scientific...
  • Bridging the gap between nutrition and health 23 October 2018
    According to the World Health Organization, Campylobacter jejuni ranks as the top cause of food-borne bacterial diarrhoeal disease in the developed world, with chicken serving as the most common...
  • How Gut Health Promotes Animal Welfare in Monogastrics 18 July 2018
    Despite environmental stressors and new production methods, intestinal integrity can thrive with proper nutrition and management.

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