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See trial results first presented at APSS 2015 that demonstrates that higher doses of phytase can shave 2.5 days off broiler finishing times.slidein4000middleleftSee presentation22px12px360C6001E
Find out in this article which also explores how thermostable enzymes add value in poultry production.slidein2000middleleftRead article22px12px360C6001E
Luis Romero et al argue that understanding the factors affecting the inherent digestibility of starch, protein and lipids  is the key to successful enzyme applicationslidein1500middleleftRead paper22px12px360C6001E
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Profit, performance and planet challenges in poultry production

Key challenges include:

  • Delivering strong performance and profitability from modern diets by ensuring optimum formulation
  • Improving liveability and ability to manage production stress and disease
  • Cutting the cost of environmental and other legislative compliance

Optimized, proven solutions for poultry:

Optimized, proven single or combined enzyme,  probiotic, essential oil  and betaine solutions help:

  • Support healthy performance and minimize the impact of stress throughout the production cycle
  • Ensure radical feed and waste management cost savings and performance gains through improvements in amino acid/fibre digestibility, starch accessibility and the  reduction of anti-nutrients in modern diets
  • Reduction of carcass contamination by non-beneficial bacteria counts 
  • Improve egg production in terms of quantity and quality

Value-added services include:

  • Feed optimization
  • Assay services
  • Liquid/engineering services


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Peter Plumstead explores the myths and the realities of phytase impact on calcium and avP during the European Poultry Conference 2014.

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