Effect of variety, endosperm hardness, the 1B/1R translocation and enzyme addition on the nutritive value of wheat for growing pigs

    It has been widely recognised that wheat chemical composition and nutritive value can vary as a result of genotypic differences, but there is a lack of information on wheat grown in Northern Ireland. Furthermore, there have been conflicting reports regarding the effect of endosperm hardness, the 1B/1R translocation and enzyme addition on the nutritive value of wheat for growing pigs. The effects of wheat variety, endosperm hardness, the presence of the 1B/1R translocation and enzyme addition were examined in four experiments involving a total of 326 Large White x Landrace pigs. Performance traits of individually housed pigs were measured in Experiments 1, 3 and 4 and apparent in vivo digestibility coefficients were determined at the total tract and ileal level from post-valve-T-caecum cannulated pigs in Experiment 2. The results obtained for the analysis of the chemical composition of the eight varieties were mainly within reported limits. However, there was a wide range of crude protein concentrations (97.8 to 138.7 g/kg dry matter) suggesting varietal differences. There was no effect of endosperm hardness or the 1B/1R translocation on chemical composition. In contrast to other research reports, there were no significant differences in pig performance as a result of either variety, endosperm hardness or the presence of the 1B/1R translocation. However, there were significant variety effects on apparent total-tract digestibility coefficients. Enzyme supplementation had no significant effect on pig performance, despite the fact that the basal diet did not have a high nutrient specification
    Document information
    Product / service: Carbohydrases and Proteases
    Publication date: 01/01/2007
    Species: Pig, Nursery/piglet
    Authors: McCann MEE, McEvoy JDG, McCracken KJ, Simmins PH
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: Irish Journal of Agricultural & Food Research, volume 45, issue 2
    Regions and countries: Global
    Keywords: 1b/1r, translocation, analysis, cannulated, pigs, chemical, composition, concentration, crude, protein, dan, diet, digestibilities, digestibility, dry, matter, effects, endosperm, hardness, enzyme, addition, supplementation, growing, pig, ileal, in, vivo, large, white, nutrient, nutritive, value, performance, research, total, tract, varietal, difference, varieties, variety, wheat
    Production challenge(s): Gut health
    Diets: Wheat, rye & triticale, Wheat, rye and tricale containing by-products
    Brands: Porzyme® 9300, Axtra® AB, Porcheck
    Resource ref: 9616
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