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Increase Performance & Profit by adding Phytase to your Diets

This infographic shows the importance of using a phytase product that acts speedily early in digestion to degrade as much of the anti-nutrient phytate as possible. Phytate forms complexes with minerals and protein which the bird's own enzymes can't deal with, leading to endogenous losses.
Document information
Product / service: Phytases, Services
Publication date: 01/05/2015
Species: Poultry, Broiler
Authors: Danisco Animal Nutrition
Doctype: Infographics & Diagrams
Publication / conference:
Regions and countries:
Production challenge(s): Phytate degredation to improve profitability and performance
Diets: All diets
Brands: Axtra® PHY, Phyzyme® XP, FASTKit assay, Optimize Feed
Resource ref:
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