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Effects of direct-fed microorganisms and enzyme blend co-administration on intestinal bacteria in broilers fed diets with or without antibiotics

Direct-fed microorganisms (DFM) and exogenous enzymes have been demonstrated to improve growth performance in poultry and are potentially important alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters (AGP). We investigated the administration of a feed additive composed of a DFM product containing spores of 3 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strains and an enzyme blend of endo-xylanase, α- amylase, and serine-protease in diets with or without sub-therapeutic antibiotics in broiler chickens over a 42-d growth period.
Document information
Product / service: Enzyme combinations, Enzyme and probiotic combinations
Publication date: 20/12/2017
Species: Broiler
Authors: Flores, C, Dersjant-Li, Y, Gibbs, K, Awati A, Lee, JT
Doctype: Publications & Citations
Publication / conference:
Regions and countries:
Keywords: DFM, broiler, antibiotic growth promoters
Production challenge(s):
Diets: All diets
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