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Effect of two limestone sources on ileal IP6, tibia ash and performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with two phytases

The effect of two limestone sources on the efficacy of two phytase products was evaluated in broilers during 0-21d of age. The limestone sources were a coarse (75% between 0.3-0.6 mm; Ca=37.4%) and a fine limestone (<0.09 mm; Ca=38.3%), with in vitro Ca solubility of 26 vs. 100% respectively after 30 minutes at pH 3. For each limestone source, positive control (PC) starter (0-10 d) and grower (10-21 d) diets were formulated (Aviagen specifications NL, 2014). Four test diets were formulated with reduced P (0.189%), retainable P (0.159%), Ca (0.199%) and Na (0.04%) contents only by exchange of MCP-P, limestone, salt and diamol vs PC and supplemented with 500 or 1000 FTU/kg of either a Buttiauxella phytase (PhyB500 or PhyB1000) or E coli phytase (PhyE500 or PhyE1000).
Document information
Product / service: Phytases
Publication date: 26/07/2018
Species: Broiler
Authors: Dersjant-Li Y, Davin, Roger, Christensen, Trine, Kwakernaak, Cees
Doctype: Conference Presentations & eBooks
Publication / conference: PSA 2018
Regions and countries:
Keywords: metabolism, nutrition, enzymes, ileal IP6 content, phytases, Limestone particle size, Ca solubility, broiler
Production challenge(s): Performance growth
Diets: All diets
Brands: Axtra® PHY
Resource ref:
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