Impacts of age and calcium on Phytase efficacy in broiler chickens

    1. Introduction Phosphorus (P) is usually the third most expensive nutrient in poultry feed following protein and energy (Potchanakorn and Potter, 1987; AgriStats 2012 end of year summary, 2013). Even though 40–60% of P presented in typical corn-soybean meal (SBM) based poultry diets is in the form of phytate-P (PP) (National Research Council, 1994), the availability of PP varies and can be affected by several factors (Applegate et al., 2003). For example, Tamim et al. (2004) showed that PP disappearance was 69.2% in birds fed a corn-soybean meal based diet without added inorganic Ca or P, whereas adding 5 g/kg of inorganic Ca from limestone decreased PP disappearance to 25.4%. Similar negative impact of dietary Ca has also been demonstrated in several other studies (Tamim and Angel, 2003; Rousseau et al., 2012; Adeola and Walk, 2013). In contrast to the negative effect of Ca, it has been well demonstrated in poultry species that utilization of PP can be significantly improved by phytase (Angel et al., 2002; Selle and Ravindran, 2007; Adeola and Cowieson, 2011). Despite the known effects of Ca and phytase on PP utilization, the interaction between the two factors is not clear, as both neutral and negative impacts of Ca on phytase efficacy have been reported (Tamim et al., 2004, Manangi and Coon, 2008, Rousseau et al., 2012; Adeola and Walk, 2013). In part, these discrepancies can be due to different ranges of Ca tested, differences in the physical characteristics and solubility of the limestones used, as well as the specific activity and/or concentration of the phytase tested.
    Document information
    Product / service: Phytases
    Publication date: 05/10/2018
    Species: Poultry
    Authors: Angel R, Li W, Kim SW, Jiminez-Moreno E, Proszkowiec-Weglarz, Plumstead PW
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: Animal Feed Science and Technology
    Regions and countries:
    Keywords: Axtra PHY, phosphorous
    Production challenge(s):
    Diets: All diets
    Brands: Axtra® PHY
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