Effects of limestone particle size and dietary Ca concentration on apparent P and Ca digestibility in the presence or absence of phytase

    Practical plant seed-based poultry diets are normally deficient in Ca and require the addition of concentrated Ca sources to meet the Ca requirement for growth. Among all the Ca sources, limestone, a naturally occurring mineral primarily composed of CaCO3, is the predominant Ca supplement used in broiler production worldwide. However, considerable variations in limestone Ca solubility and Ca concentration have been reported even within the same country or region (Shih et al., 2000; Sa and Boyd, 2017) and preference of lime- stone particle size differs among countries/regions. In addition to its nutritional property, limestone is also widely used as flow agent (e.g., premixes and feed ingredients) and diluting material (e.g., ionophores, premixes, enzymes, and antibiotics) in the feed industry, of which the Ca is usually not accounted for in the feed formulation.
    Document information
    Product / service: Phytases
    Publication date: 05/10/2018
    Species: Broiler
    Authors: Li W, Kim SW, Angel R, Proszkowiec-Weglarz
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland
    Regions and countries:
    Keywords: Axtra PHY, Limestone particle size
    Production challenge(s):
    Diets: All diets
    Brands: Axtra® PHY
    Resource ref:
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