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In vitro inhibition of avian pathogenic Enterococcus cecorum isolates by probiotic Bacillus strains

ABSTRACT Enterococcus cecorum is a commensal bacteria and opportunistic pathogen that can cause outbreaks of Enterococcal spondylitis (“kinky back”) in poultry, with a growing concern worldwide. Numerous Bacillus-based probiotic strains are commercially available with proven effects in supporting gut health and growth performance, but efficacy against pathogenic E. cecorum is unknown. This study compared the in vitro inhibitory potential of cell-free supernatants (CFSs) of 18 Bacillus strains (14 commercial probiotic strains, 1 internal negative control and 3 type strains) on the growth of 9 clinical E. cecorum isolates. Standardized biomass cultures of live Bacillus were harvested and filtered to obtain CFSs. Inhibitory potential against E. cecorum isolates was assessed via a microdilution assay in which the final pathogen concentration was ∼ 104 CFU/mL. ....
Document information
Product / service: Probiotics
Publication date: 18/01/2019
Species: Multi-species
Authors: Bernardeau M, Cretenet, Marina, Fernandez, Sara Medina
Doctype: Publications & Citations
Publication / conference: Poultry Science
Regions and countries:
Keywords: bacillus, enteric disease, pathogens, probiotic
Production challenge(s):
Diets: All diets
Brands: Enviva® Pro
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