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Feeding the high-performance sow

Having 30 piglets per sow per year is starting to become common practice. At the same time, this puts pressure on the sow. Increased focus on keeping preweaning mortality low and sow health high is therefore a prerequisite for a good performing pig farm. Focusing on nutribiosis An interesting talk was given by Crystal Levesque from South Dakota State University in the US. She delved into the topic nutribiosis, which stands for a state to describe the interactions between nutrition, microbiome, and functions of the gut and immune system. Ms Levesque studied this concept and looked at the effect this has on sow and progeny productivity, she explained that the microbial diversity in the gut of pigs increases as the animal gets older.
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Product / service: Enzymes
Publication date: 17/04/2019
Species: Pig
Authors: E. Koeleman
Doctype: Articles
Publication / conference: All About Feed
Regions and countries:
Keywords: swine, nutribiosis, gut health, gut microbiota balance, nutrients
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Diets: All diets
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