Comparative effects of two phytases versus increasing the inorganic phosphorus content of the diet, on nutrient and amino acid digestibility in boilers

    Comparative effects of graded doses of two phytases on growth performance, nutrient and amino acid (AA) digestibility were investigated in corn-soybean meal-based broiler diets. A negative control diet (NC) with low phosphorus (P) content (1.8, 4.4 and 2.5 g/kg retainable, total and phytate P respectively) was supplemented with four doses of a Buttiauxella sp phytase (analyzed activity of 303 to 1046 FTU/kg) or an E. coli phytase (analyzed activity of 442 to 1811 FTU/kg), and tested against three positive control diets comprising the NC+0.6, 1.2 or 1.8 g P from monocalcium phosphate (MCP)/kg feed and increased Ca content (+0.8 g/kg). A total of 1152 male Ross 308 broilers at 5 days of age were assigned to 72 cages with 16 birds/cage and 6 cages/ treatment were given free access to pelleted diets until 21 days of age. Feed intake (FI), body weight and mortality were recorded and used to calculate body weight gain (BWG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) during 5–20 days of age. Excreta was collected on day 18–20 to determine total tract retention of nutrients. .....
    Document information
    Product / service: Phytases
    Publication date: 17/05/2019
    Species: Broiler
    Authors: Dersjant-Li Y, Kwakernaak, Cees
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: Elsevier
    Regions and countries:
    Keywords: amino acids, broiler, broilers, digestibility, growth performance, phosphorous, phytase
    Production challenge(s):
    Diets: All diets
    Resource ref:
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