Increasing the dosing of a Buttiauxella phytase improves phytate degradation, mineral, energy, and amino acid digestibility in weaned pigs fed a complex diet based on wheat, corn, soybean meal, barley, and rapeseed meal

    ABSTRACT: This study evaluated the effects of increasing the dose of a 6-phytase from Buttiauxella on phytate degradation, mineral, energy, and AA digestibility in weaned pigs fed complex diets based on wheat, corn, soybean meal, barley, and rapeseed meal. A negative control (NC) diet containing no added inorganic phosphorus (P) and a reduction of 0.1% calcium (Ca) and 36 kcal/kg ME was supplemented with Buttiauxella phytase at 0, 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 FTU/kg diet and tested against a nutritionally adequate, positive control (PC) diet. One phytase units (FTU) is the amount of enzyme that liberates 1 micromole of inorganic phosphate per minute from a sodium phytate substrate at pH 5.5 and 37 °C. Barrows (Topigs × Pietrian; initial mean body weight 19.3 kg) were housed individually in metabolic crates and fed the test diets in mash form via 2 equal meals per day for 9 d (fed at 2.5 times the maintenance energy requirement), with 8 replicate pigs per treatment, in 2 experimental runs (total n = 48). ....
    Document information
    Product / service: Phytases
    Publication date: 30/05/2019
    Species: Pig
    Authors: Dersjant-Li, Y, Dusel G
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: American Society of Animal Science
    Regions and countries:
    Keywords: amino acids, amino acid, digestibility, phytase, phytate, weaned, pigs
    Production challenge(s):
    Diets: All diets
    Resource ref:
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