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Calcium: the double-edged sword in meeting nutritional requirements

Ensuring animal feed formulas meet all nutritional requirements is particularly challenging for vital mineral elements such as calcium. Essential for bone development and a key player in several metabolic paths, calcium is often added to diets with large safety margins to avoid deficiencies. But if calcium deficit poses a threat to animal growth, high calcium concentrations that are highly soluble can also severely impair productivity.
Document information
Product / service: Phytases
Publication date: 21/08/2020
Species: Poultry
Authors: Evans C
Doctype: Articles
Publication / conference: International Poultry Production
Regions and countries:
Keywords: calcium, phosphorus, nutrient, digestibility, growth performance
Production challenge(s):
Diets: All diets
Brands: Axtra® PHY
Resource ref:
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