- Effects of dietary calcium and available phosphorus levels and phytase supplementation on performance, bone mineral density, and serum biochemical bone markers in aged white egg-laying hens

    Exogenous phytase supplementation increases P and Ca availability to allow for the dietary reductions without negative consequences on productivity or skeletal health. Effects of a Buttiauxella sp. phytase (BSP) supplemented in available P (avP)-reduced and Ca-reduced diets on performance, BW, eggshell quality, serum biochemical bone markers, and bone densitometry were evaluated in egg-laying hens from 68 to 78 wk of age. One hundred hens were fed 1 of 5 diets (n 5 20/treatment), including a positive control (PC) with 0.35%avP and 3.5% Ca, and the PC moderately reduced in avP and Ca levels by 0.187 and 0.159% of the diet (by 53 and 4.5%), respectively, (NC1) or severely reduced by 0.231 and 0.275% of the diet (by 66 and 7.9%), respectively, (NC2). Other diets were the NC1 or NC2 supplemented with BSP at 600 FTU/kg (NC1 1 BSP or NC2 1 BSP, respectively). Egg production and feed conversion ratio were maintained by NC1 but were 11.9%lower and 12.3% higher, respectively, with the NC2 than the PC, which was alleviated by supplemental BSP. Diet effects on FI and eggshell quality followed a similar pattern. Body weight was 2.9% lower for NC1, and 6.1% for NC2 than the PC; BSP alleviated the decreased BW. Serum pyridinoline (bone resorption marker) was 20 to 27% higher in NC2 hens than in the other groups, with no effects on other bone markers. Total and trabecular space bone mineral density in the proximal metaphysis were 8.4 and 15.2% lower for NC1, respectively, and 12.1 and 26.7% lower for NC2, respectively, than PC. Supplemental BSP completely alleviated the decreased bone densitometry measures in NC1, but only partially in NC2. The NC1 hens maintained performance but had decreased BWand bone quality; phytase supplementation restored productivity, BW, and bone quality. The Ca and avP deficiencies in the NC2 hens relative to other groups were partially alleviated by the 600 FTU/kg BSP.
    Document information
    Product / service: Enzymes
    Publication date: 12/11/2020
    Species: Poultry
    Authors: Bello, A., Dersjant-Li Y, Korver, D.R.
    Doctype: Publications & Citations
    Publication / conference: Poultry Science
    Regions and countries:
    Keywords: calcium, bone, buttiauxella phytase, laying, layer, phosphorous, phosphorus availability
    Production challenge(s): Performance growth, bone mineralization, Phosporous
    Diets: All diets
    Brands: Axtra® PHY
    Resource ref:
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