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Syncra® SWI offers unprecedented energy and amino acid digestibility for pigs, powered by the probiotic’s agile enzyme-production working in harmony with the protease. slidein1500middleleftLearn more22px12px340C6001E
Bryan Rudolph discusses the important role that the right doses of the right phytase can play in profitable pig production.slidein1500middleleftRead article22px12px360C6001E
Gary Partridge discusses past "firsts" and future developments in feed enzymes.slidein1500middleleftRead article22px12px360C6001E
Find out more about natural betaine benefits including more piglets per litter and shorter production cycles.slidein1500middleleftRead article26px14px370C6001E
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Profit, performance and planet challenges in pig production

We offer optimized enzyme, betaineessential oil, and probiotic solutions that help pig producers' profitability and sustainability goals by:

  • Reducing the impact of production stresses
  • Increasing performance and profitability by improving nutrient uptake,and reducing waste management issues


Syncra® SWI

An adaptive protease and probiotic solution, Syncra® SWI delivers unprecedented energy and amino acid digestibility for pigs, powered by the probiotic’s agile enzyme-production working in harmony with the protease. 

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Optimized solutions for pigs for every diet and production stage:

Young Pigs (to 30kg)

Corn, broken rice, wheat or sorghum or a combination of these grains and their by-products (Porzyme® tp100(HP),
Danisco Xylanase®

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Grower / Finisher Pigs: (15g+)

Wheat, rye or triticale based  or a combination of these grains and their by-products (Porzyme® 9300, Axtra® XB)

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Gary Partridge explains that pig producers need to understand how to deal with the non starch polysaccharide (NSP) content of raw feed materials to maximize profitability.

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