VIV Russia

    Date: 19 May 2015
    Location: IEC Crocus Expo Moscow, Russia

    VIV Russia 2015

    VIV Russia 2015 is a trade show based on the 'Feed to Meat' principle. VIV Russia showcases the industry's developments by the Feed to Meat concept that brings together supply and demand within the complete animal protein chain. VIV Russia 2015 will focus on every step in the meat production process, presented by the worlds key players in the industry.The driver behind the chain concept is that animal feed and animal health are vital for meat quality and safety. Related topics will be featured in the VIV Russia Conference. 

    Danisco Animal Nutrition will celebrate the launch of their advanced, highly bio-efficacious phytase, Axtra® PHY, into the Russian market by hosting a seminar entitled “Future of Feed and the Part Phytase Has to Play  at VIV Russia on  20 May, 2015 from 13.00 -15.00 (Moscow time) at the   IEC “Crocus Expo”, Moscow, Russia, Hall C.

    The seminar, which will feature guest speakers Dr. Dimitri N Rylko,  who is General Director of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) and Dr. Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, will cover:

    ·Current and future trends in Russian meat production and the impact of factors such as high feed costs and feed quality variability.

    ·The part that enzymes in general can play in resolving current and future anti-nutrient challenges in pig and poultry diets, with specific emphasis on  the latest research around phytase and how it can be used  to tackle  performance and profitability challenges that  the dietary substrate, phytate, poses. .

    In a separate talk at the VIV Russia Summit, Dr. Peter Plumstead will look into the contribution that feed enzymes in general make to poultry gut health. Find out more about the agenda and how to sign up for this talk, which is part of a session held on 18 May between 14:30 – 15:30  at the Crystal Ballroom 2, Hotel Lotte, Moscow, at http://www.vivrussia.nl/en/Bezoeker/Summit.aspx

    Axtra PHY Launch Seminar

    Don't forget to sign up for our Axtra PHY Launch Seminar during VIV Russia and be the first to hear about the latest and most advanced phytase in the market as well as about future trends in grain production in Russia.

    More information on the program, speakers and signing up ►

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