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Essential oils for poultry & swine

Essential oils for poultry and pigs

Essential oils - volatile compounds extracted from specific plants or plant parts - were named as such because they were deemed “essential” for the plants. In animal nutrition, they offer varying degrees of performance and environmental benefits, depending on blend and strength.

Our essential oil compounds, comprising optimized, high concentration blends of thymol and cinnamaldehyde, have been shown to stimulate feed intake and digestion, improve body weight gain and offer healthy performance benefits, e. g. support of a positive gut microflora.

Enviva® EO

Our essential oil blend of thymol and cinnamaldehyde offers healthy performance benefits for poultry and pig producers. It is easy to use, with small, uniform, free-flowing particles courtesy of a unique granulation process. 

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Asian Pork Magazine| September 2013
Essential Oils for Performance and Gut Health

Danisco Animal Nutrition's Alex Peron confirms that essential oil compounds can be a valuable tool for nutritionists challenged with reducing antibiotic use in pig production.

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