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Natural betaine for healthy animal solutions

Natural betaine solutions to support healthy benefits

Betafin® Natural Betaine

Derived from non-genetically modified sugar beet, our natural betaine increases lean meat yield and reduces costs through the reduction of choline chloride and methionine in feed formulations.  It also alleviates the negative effects of osmotic stress and helps maintain gut integrity, which in turn can positively impact animal performance.   

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Betafin® Beneficial Features and Advantages
A closer look at the many features, advantages and benefits of Betafin® natural betaine.

Product and service availability may vary by country. Product/service attributes may also differ due to differing government/regulatory approval systems. Please contact us for information on product/service availability by region.


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Natural betaine versus synthetic

Ahmed Amerah reveals research on the considerable production stress and gut health benefits offered by natural betaine versus HCL equivalents.


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