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Our own animal trials as well as our customers’ results have proven that Axtra® PHY has the highest bio-efficacy compared to all other phytases currently available in the market. It works quickly in the digestive tract and has the highest activity at low pH. This doubles the rate of early phytate destruction to release more phosphorus overall and overcome phytate anti-nutrient effects.


Our data-driven optimized dosing recommendations ensure you are always delivering the right dose of phytase to meet your specific needs.

The fastest route to top animal performance, reduces phosphorus waste and improves profitability

  • For pigs we have demonstrated a 3 to 7% body weight gain improvement and 1 to 3% feed efficiency improvement vs. competitor products

  • For broilers, a 3 to 9% body weight gain improvement and 1.5 to 5% feed efficiency improvement vs. competitor products

Maximize performance and optimize overall production costs by including the right dose of the most efficacious phytase in your poultry and swine diets.

Download the product brochure or contact us for recommendations about your specific application needs.



Axtra PHY® Product Brochure

PDF (7.7 MB)

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