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Winning probiotic solutions for poultry, swine and ruminants

Although the first use of probiotics dates back thousands of years, recognition of the benefits of probiotic use in poultry, swine and ruminant nutrition – namely improved digestion and immune system support – is a fairly recent phenomenon.

We have drawn on decades of human and animal microbial experience and research to develop unique multi-strain, highly stable Bacillus, Lactobacillus and silage probiotic solutions that support gut balance and intestinal morphology, improve liveability and reduce antibiotic dependence throughout the production cycle. 

Bacillus-based feed probiotic solutions

A multi-strain, highly stable Direct Fed Microbial solution for poultry, offering superior nutrient absorption and healthy benefits. Based on unique Company Specific Inoculant (CSI) technology, it can be used in diets with or without antibiotics.

Enviva® PRO Product Brochure 

Lacobacillus-based solutions

Lacobacillus based probiotics for pigs and swine

A fermented milk product based on a combination of Lactobacillus probiotics with a proven mode of action to support piglet gut health and protect the growing pig against common production diseases. This product is available only in certain countries in the EU.

Enviva® MPI Product Brochure ►

Silage innoculants solutions

Lacobacillus based probiotics for pigs and swine

Probiotic silage innoculants that improve the ensiling of grass, corn, alfalfa haylage, small grains and high moisture grains, helping to resolve waste management and pollution issues.

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Product and service availability may vary by country. Product/service attributes may also differ due to differing government/regulatory approval systems. Please contact us for information on product/service availability by region.


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